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Starring Clara Bow- The “It” Girl Broadway Musical

“Starring Clara Bow,” is our bound–for-Broadway musical that tells the story of Clara Bow’s remarkable rise to “Fame and Fortune” as the world’s first silent film sex symbol and the biggest star of Paramount Pictures during the 1920’s.

Clara Bow had a fascinating life in Hollywood’s silent era and our musical brings to life the story of Clara’s meteoric rise from a life in abject poverty to super-stardom. She experienced untold suffering in a Brooklyn tenement from an abusive father and mentally ill mother, but winning a movie magazine contest bought her a trip to Hollywood and super-stardom.

As the most popular star of the silent era, Clara was loved by the public but shunned by the other stars of her time. Her captivating beauty attracted torrid affairs with Victor Fleming, Gary Cooper, and Gilbert Roland, and yet she found true love and walked away from Hollywood at the age of 26 to marry the man of her dreams.

Clara’s fascinating story and our wonderful songs contain all the earmarks of a truly great Broadway musical.

Our musical has great songs

The company’s sole asset and business is the creation and production of this bound for Broadway musical and related rights. All rights to the intellectual property (songs, libretto and music) created for the show are now owned by the company, which means the company can use them to generate revenues from future licensing and publishing rights and road shows in perpetuity.

No one can guarantee the success of a show before it’s a hit on Broadway, but anyone can listen now to our complement of professionally recorded musical numbers and read the synopsis to evaluate for themselves our show’s potential. The songs are the heart of any Broadway musical and they are already created and recorded. Although one never knows in advance if a show will be a hit, reading the synopsis and listening to the songs at least gives one a clue to our show’s potential.


We are attracting extraordinary talent.

Patricia Holly Sings “Heavenly Daze”

Patricia Holly Sings: “The World Isn’t That Way For Me”

We have held auditions in both Hollywood and New York and we are very impressed. Although these are mere auditions it is easy to see that there are many genuinely  gifted actors and actresses who are eager to appear in out show. Given the appropriate budget, we intend to also make offers to seasoned Broadway stars for our Broadway run.

Clara Bow Stars in the 1927 film, “It”

A documentary on Clara’s life

We are beginning a series of newsletters to keep you up-to-date on our musical and we hope that you will stay with us. We will be sending updates, videos of auditions, and all sorts of interesting material on our show. We will also be giving out invites to everyone for our next workshop production, so you might want to stay in touch with us.